Restore by Katona

Restore By Katona, A Modern Medicine Miracle For Those Trying To Treat Thinning Hair

The beautiful thing about modern medicine is that it never stops evolving. Dedicated doctors, surgeons and clinicians continuously keep tabs on their field of practice in search of methods that are safer, faster and more efficient. The topic of thinning hair, hair loss and male pattern baldness is no different. Where there was once wigs or a toupee to conceal the unlucky hand that fate dealt, there is now a half-dozen processes backed by science and proven through results you can really see. Restore by Katona is one such option that more than 10,000 people have picked as a way to stimulate hair growth on their scalp once again. The reason that this simple treatment is quickly becoming the preferred way of hair loss remediation is because it only takes a few sittings during the first year to bring about proven results.

restore by katona

There are a few reasons why so many men and women are picking Restore by Katona as their route toward hair regeneration. Moreover, those reasons are unique to this company and the restoration process it carries out on patients. Whereas hair grafts can be painful, leave an obvious scar after surgery and require a considerable recovery time, that’s not the case with  Restore by Katona. Rather, this process only requires a consultation, small sample of blood then injection by trained professionals into trouble spots on your scalp. While some suffering from thinning hair will try over-the-counter shampoos and soaps that contain minoxidil, the fact that you’ll need to use the products forever to save your hair is a turn-off to those looking for a cost-effective solution. While there are other non-surgical means of hair restoration – such as laser caps to stimulate stem cells – it’s Restore by Katona that really delivers in this department.

Clients from all walks of life have contacted Restore to see if they can help. That means everyone from a professional sales women who needed 1,595 grafts to achieve her desired results to retired NFL player Heath Evans, whose hair restoration required 2069 follicular units. “The biggest change I have noticed is a more youthful appearance,” Evans, who was 38 at the time of his procedure, said of results rendered with Restore by Katona. Through follicular unit extraction, hairs from the back of your head will be transplanted to parts of your scalp that need to be filled in. With a near-perfect satisfaction rate, those suffering from thinning hair should consider this service as a way to regain confidence and, as Evans said, the “youthful appearance” we once took for granted.